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Introducing our small votive/vase collection.  Made from fusing multiple layers of glass, then allowing higher kiln temps to actually 'fold' the glass.  No two are the same.

Fused Glass Plates

Specially premiered for this show, we will have both squared rimmed plates and 'Sushi' style plates in a variety of colors and patterns.

Dichro Bracelets

These we a hit last season and there are more coming this year - but don't wait!  I am only making a total of 15 of these fun and elegant bracelets for the entire season.  When they are gone, they are gone!

Jenny's Chainmaille

Jenny has been working with chainmaille for about 2 years now - her pieces are intricate without being heavy and Beaded Chic is proud to have a limited number of her pieces for this show!

New Necklace Designs

Bolder designs take the stage at this event - all while staying true to the idea of a single piece being able to shift from casual to formal in the blink of an eye!

Want to see more?

The best way to see more is to come to the Celtic Fling & Highland Games, the weekend of 6/23-25!