Introducing MAD Glassworks!!

What is MAD Glassworks?

Beaded Chic's main focus is lampwork beads and artisan jewelry.  MAD Glassworks is the fused side of my work.  This would include small votive holders, vases, plates, and gel wax candles.

I'm doing this to avoid confusion about what exactly Beaded Chic does.  You will be able to access information and photos from the main page as well as from this page.

Why call it "MAD Glassworks" ?

The first 'character' I played as an adult was Mitzbe Haavin - a Renaissance tavern wench who was rather above herself.  For the past few years, I have been playing Alexandra Haavin - descendant of  Mitzbe but somehow found a way to become a Baroness. While playing these characters at shows and cons, there is still me - Donna.  

Hence the name (M)itzbe, (A)lexandra, (D)onna - and MAD Glassworks was born.


Will you have jewelry with MAD Glassworks?

Working on that one - it would be highly  limited in scope and won't be lampwork.  Don't worry, I'll still be working on the torch and provide a lot of wearable art for Beaded Chic!! 

A separate Gallery Page for MAD Glassworks is in the works is currently in the works.